Wedding date?

July 16th, 2010
How did you Meet?

I met my wife to be January 2006 in Broward College. We were both aspiring Paramedics and met in our Anatomy and Physiology class.


How long did you all date?

We dated for about 4 years before I decided to ask her for her hand. We went through a lot of trials and tribulations and she stood by me through them all. The decision was easy to ask her to marry me. I  just wish I would of met her sooner.
Can you give me a summary of your special day?

Our ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. The food was amazing. For starters we had a Crepese Salad. The entre was Flank Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. We decided to have an open premium bar and the Four Seasons had every imaginable drink at their disposal. In addition the ice luge was a huge success with some of our guests participating in shots throughout the night. The one thing that really stood out to me was the amount of people on the dance floor. I was really glad to see everyone just having a good time.

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Favorite part or parts of the wedding?

I would say the venue. The service that the Four Seasons was incredible. They made everything seem effortless. Anything you needed at any time it was taken care of.


What was one surprising thing you found out about your spouse after you got married?

Her cleanliness. My wife is a clean freak! But that’s ok, considering what the alternative would be. She definitely likes everything in order and takes pride in her home. She is constantly cleaning. While we were dating I definitely noticed that she liked to maintain a neat and tidy room, but when we moved in together I really noticed the difference.


wedding pic

If you could change/add/subtract one thing about your wedding day what would it be?

Nothing, I think it was perfect. So although there are things that could have been “better” I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it was perfectly imperfect.


What is the best piece marriage of advice you have received?

Never forget to say I love you once a day and don’t take each other for granted. Every morning when I leave for work I give my wife a kiss and hug and tell her I love her.


What advice would you give other couples?

Keep things interesting. Do not allow life to ruin your relationship (i.e. work, kids, family etc.). You are still that man that she once fell in love with. The man that would surprise her with nice dinners, roses, etc. A husband and wife deserve time alone as well, set up baby sitters, date nights, weekend getaways. There are no excuses. Even if it’s going to get a coffee for an hour and just talking and spending “alone time” is important. I see couples get caught in a situation where there life just becomes the same thing it was the day before. Work, eat dinner, sleep, work. Do not allow that to happen to you.