Wedding Date: September 15, 2012

How did we meet?
They went to college together however did not really meet until a business endeavor in the travel industry, at the time Trey was an up and coming star in the company and Peta was a new associate with great potential. Of their first encounter he described her as rude and she described him as annoying as he attempted to mentor her into success. They did not meet again for another year and a half at what is now church home Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Gainesville, FL.
How long did we date? They did not “date” but their courtship process happened over a period of a year and 7 months.
The special day:
We asked everyone attending the wedding to wear white and gold as a symbol of royalty and heaven on earth, the sea of white in the audience and on stage was beautiful and the majestic almost like we were in the clouds. The wedding was a foreshadow of the prosperous and blessed future filled with an abundance of love, joy, peace, and pleasure. Trey’s tux was white with the trailing tails and white rose, white vest etc, his groomsmen wore tan tuxes with gold vest and white shirts and gold rose, Peta wore a lovely all white dress shipped from overseas with gold shoes and accessories, the bridesmaids wore offwhite dresses almost looking as if they were white with a gold undertone. The reception looked like it was held in a roman empire official courtyard in Italy. The decorations and attire of the wedding party and guests created a majestic atmosphere we are surprised noone took that opportunity to propose to someone else!
Favorite Parts of the wedding:
The speeches from the groomsmen & brides maids. The garter belt dive by Trey and the specially choreographed first lap dance from Peta. The intro of the groom to the Mystical Here I Go instrumental. Peta seeing the best man Charles Rollins tearing up during the wedding made her laugh so that she wouldnt get emotional as well.
Things we found out after married:
Peta wants to keep everything, papers, receipts, etc hoarder and maybe a few other things as well and Trey likes to throw everything away… everything.
Wedding Date subtraction: Different camera man he was rude maybe using 2 camera men one for the women and one for the guys would be an addition. We wouldve cut down the invite list to the reception especially since everyone did not show up.
Best Piece of marriage advice:
keep the lines of communication constant and consistent. maintaining transparency always let each other know what you are feeling/thinking never go to bed mad at the other.
Piece of advice for new marriages/engaged couples:
Have weekly family meetings (yes even if its just you and her/him) to talk about specific matters that may not get discussed in the daily hustle and bustle of life, even if you are not married yet have a true professional meeting not just in the car or on the fly but planned out with notes an agenda etc. Plan together, share goals, share objectives and steps to get all of those things done. Communication, Communication, Communication