Wedding date?
NOVEMBER 3, 2012

Where: The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres, MX
Guests: 70

How did you Meet?
The story of Steven and I is quite comical. Back in 2005, we met at a
local hospital. At the time he was waking up in the recovery room
after surgery and I was his nurse. Once he was somewhat awake from the
anesthesia, I could tell he had the hots for me and shortly after that
thought ran across my mind, he began to sit himself up to posture
himself into “mack-daddy” mode. The image from my end was hilarious
because here is a patient, trying to hit on me! I was slightly turned
off and ignored his anesthesia induced confidence. I simply stated
what my professional role was to him at the time and it was
inappropriate to cross the nurse-patient relationship boundaries. But,
little did I know days later once he got discharged he managed to make
his way down to the recovery room on crutches. He somehow infiltrated
through the restricted areas on a day that I so happened to be
working. He once again proceeded to try to hit on me, left me with his
number, and to be polite I accepted it with no thoughts of EVER
calling. As fate would have it, we would later meet at a mutual
friends house party! He made a case that I couldn’t refuse, that it
had to be fate for us to meet up again. He also re-iterated the point
of him no longer being a patient and so the nurse-patient relationship
terminated once he was discharged! Touche! After his compelling
argument, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. We got engaged
at the MLK Jr, memorial  on Dec. 14,2011 and married on November 3,
2012 in Playa Mujeres, MX at The Beloved Hotel.

How long did you all date?
We officially dated for 3 years, but have known each other since 2005.

Can you give me a summary of your special day?

Our wedding was inspired by our desire to travel and vacationing at
beach locations. We initially searched within the US but found the
perfect venue in Cancun at the Beloved Hotel. The beauty about
destination weddings are they are pre-packaged with vendors, food and

Our wedding style we wanted bright colors. We chose coral, hot pink (my favorite color) and
ivory.  The bridesmaids wore coral chiffon dresses with varying styles
that met their body type along with coral gladiator sandals. The
groomsmen wore ivory linen suits, monogramed sleeved shirts, coral
ties with a brown loafers. My bride attendants (team bride wears pink)
work the same linen suits but had ivory and hot pink ties and hot pink
watches). The groom wore a 3 piece linen suit hot pink tie with pocket
square, complete with a Gucci belt and Gucci shoes, needless to say he
was definitely fly! My Gown was found at Curvy Girls Bridal in
Fairfax, VA. When planning for
destination wedding I wanted something  light and simple. And when the
consultant suggested this dress I vehemently refused to try it on
because of it being opposite of what I had envisioned. After some
persistence of the staff to convince me to have an open mind. I tried
it on an absolutely loved it, and I said YES to the dress!!

We also decided to go with silk floral arrangements in loving
memory of a dear family friend who had a hobby in silk arrangements.
All bouquets, boutonnieres  and centerpieces were silk and created by
a family member. I’m a sucker for good pictures so we chose small
elements to include for photo opportunities. On the Bridesmaids side:
we had pashmina scarves for a photo opp and sexy peep toe heels at the
reception. On the Groomsmen side: we gifted them with monogrammed
sleeved shirts, trendy white watches, mother of pearl cuff links and
aviator sunglasses-which made out for a pretty trendy/cool photo opp.
In addition, I actually did the old school wedding poem and had all
the listed items: something old-great great grandma wedding band,
something new-wedding earrings, something borrowed-bracelet, something
blue-blue wrap on my bouquet and sixpence in my shoe-I actually had
the coin taped in my shoe!

contact information for your photographer
Carlos Lancelotti

Favorite part or parts of the wedding?
Bride: Our first dance: we did one of those “youtube” type dances, we
had a DJ make us a medley of songs. We started off with Al Green’s
classic “let’s stay together” and then the DJ mixed it to appear as if
the song was skipping and inserted a fun voice over that said “I know
you gonna dig this” and we went in to a hip hop dance to Miguel’s
Adorn followed by a transition to a Bachata Song by Romeo Santos ft.
Usher “Promise” and we ended it with Al Green’s “let’s stay together”
It was super fun because everyone sand every lyric, it was an amazing
feeling that we were able to pull it off and totally shock everyone
with our medley song and dance.

Groom: The venue, our room suite and spending weekend with guests and
lastly the first time seeing my beautiful bride as she walked down the
aisle on the beach.

What was one surprising thing you found out about your spouse after
you got married?
Groom: I don’t think there is much difference from us before and after
our marriage so far.
Bride: How happy of a married man he would be. He’s so elated that we
are together and so am I.

If you could change/add/subtract one thing about your wedding day what
would it be?
Groom: I would have like to had my grandmothers present, one has
passed on and one is too old to travel far distances. I also would
have liked the staff to have passed out our cake!! After we cut it, it
mysteriously disappeared and never to reappear again.
Bride: I wished we had more time to party! It seemed like everything
went super fast, and when everything was said and done…the day was

What is the best piece marriage of advice you have received?
Always talk about whatever is on your mind. There is no longer and
“i” or “me” its “us” and “ours” so learn and appreciate working
together, because you are a team now.

What advice would you give other couples?
Find someone that makes you happy and always try to make them even
happier, service is the best attitude to have in a marriage, it can
carry you a long way.