One couple has come up with a way to fund their dream wedding – by selling corporate sponsorships.

Former Miss Jamaica International, turned entrepreneur Courtney McKenzie, 27, and her fiance Jamil Newell, 34, are getting married in Thailand this December, and are hoping to raise roughly $30,000 from various companies in exchange for having their logos sewn onto the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo, and featured on the couple’s various social media platforms.

The Orlando, Florida, couple, who have 30,000 combined social media followers, will have a Thai garden wedding featuring an elephant – and yes, even the elephant will bear advertising space: A company can pay to have its logo printed on a ‘Just Married’ canvas carried by the animal.

Miss McKenzie, who is the founder and CEO of Crown Public Relations, and the creator of the popular podcast Entrepreneur 2.0., initially thought that they’d have a big wedding, but ultimately decided that eloping to Thailand better suited the couple’s shared love of adventure.

‘He has a big family and I have an even bigger family,’ she told ‘We sat down to make the guest list and it was 250 people. But then we thought, “What’s true to us?” and we decided we just wanted it to be a lot of fun.’
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