Wedding date?
March 18 2012

How did you Meet?
we met a few years a go through a friend

How long did you all date?
We dated for a year, it did not take us long to realize the love we shared for each other.

Can you give me a summary of your special day?
Our wedding was on Sunday Afternoon in the Spring in Tallahassee, Fl.  Our wedding colors were silver, teal and purple.  I love peacocks so that was theme we decided to go with.  We lucked out and had a sunny day with no signs of rain.  Thank God!

Favorite part or parts of the wedding?
My favorite part of the wedding was the reception.  By this time the anxiety had fallen and we had already become husband and wife, so there was nothing more for me to do but be happy and have a good time.

What was one surprising thing you found out about your spouse after you got married?
Nothing really…. Not yet atleast lol.

If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would it be?
I would have wished for my brother to be there.

What is the best piece marriage of advice you have received?
The best advice I received was to keep my family business to my self and work it out with my spouse.

What advice would you give other couples?
I would encourage other couples to not dwell on hard times as they will soon pass.