“Ever since I can remember all I’ve wanted was to be successful and am doing anything in my power to achieve it.

IMG_0818Born and raised in Miami Florida, Michael Romero is a man with a plan.  Growing up in a home where he learned first hand the art of entrepreneurship Michael was able to quickly grasp the concept of hard work and achievement.  Although Michael is only one year removed from being a teenager, he has been instrumental in remodeling his family’s rain gutter company (Right Way Seamless Gutters).  It was through this first taste of business that Michael realized the potential he possessed.

Taking the route of property investment and the education in Construction Management, Michael quickly learned valuable information about the property and the market.  Today Michael is the owner of Crown Real Estate Solution a Real Estate Company that he started to further his dream while helping others reach theirs.  “Crown Real Estate Solution provides solutions for any homeowner whether they are looking to buy, sell, rent or anything in between”.

“The future is always on my mind, what I do today is always for tomorrow.”

 Keeping an eye on the future, Michael jokes that his goals seem outrageous to those closest to him and he understands the amount of work it will take.  It is these goals and aspirations that drive him to keep going and push himself to be better.  Michael believes that his hard work will pay off professionally and personally as he strives to bring a new culture and standard to real estate.  A standard that is full of great results, great services and most importantly great solutions.