1. free from projections or unevenness of surface; not rough
2. generally unruffled and calm
4. of uniform consistency
5. free from or proceeding without abrupt curves, bends, etc

O.E. smoð “free from roughness, not harsh,” of unknown origin. Sense of “pleasant, polite, sincere” first recorded c.1390. Slang meaning “superior, classy, clever” is attested from 1893.

Transcending, Empowering, Dedicated, Determined, and Youthful

Smooth Teddy stands unique as it is more than networking, it prides itself on the commitment to portray and develop a lifestyle that will highlight the positive image of today’s men from all walks of life.  Through recognition, the stimulation of ideas, motivation, opportunities, our obstacles, and humility we bring out greatness.  Through these efforts our endeavors can be conducted in a Transcending, Empowering, Dedicated, Determined, and Youthful manner.
Smooth Teddy is building a publication society to unite men at a time when the positive male presence is becoming obsolete.  Here we work to establish that great men still exist.  This is Our Brand, Our Story, and Our Style.

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