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 For such an unabashedly upfront colour, red can be deceptively difficult to wear. On the one hand, it’s bold and uncomplicated, and true reds will suit almost every skin tone. On the other side of the coin, the raw power of the hue can make potential wearers feel a little squeamish.

After all, red is the colour of passion and overt sensuality; of emotions worn literally and figuratively on the sleeve. It’s also a key colour trend for spring/summer 2015, with rich, vibrant tomato-like tones threaded through many of this season’s key collections. We’re not talking sleepily subtle reds here – no dark berry shades or innocuous burgundies allowed.

But that doesn’t mean red should only be worn by the brave. In fact, it’s relatively easy to harness the full potential of such a high impact colour. If crimson is a hot flame, then darker, safer shades are dying embers. And this SS15, it’s all about burning bright.

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